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As mentioned, the game is automated, so by even knowing you need a higher hand, the game will visually show you from the paytable what you have and what you need to get to be higher. This 52-card deck game can be played as a 3, 5, 10 or 50 multi-hand. First, you stake your wager on your unknown hand and press Deal to confirm your bet. Your five cards are then revealed, and you can choose to Hold and of the cards to substitute those not held.

This was the first game to introduce the kicker, which when used correctly can earn you double what it would in a Double Bonus game. The other ones will be exchanged for new cards in order to make the best possible poker hand. Video poker uses coins, which are also called credits, and you have to select how much each credit is worth. Next you have to select how many credits you want to bet on each hand. Slots and both offer gamers different experiences.

A video poker pay table carries the most important information for a player. It carries everything one needs to determine how the game is. Payback or return is how much money is ‘paid back/returned’ to the player as a winning. A full-pay video poker casino offers the best payouts, as near as possible to 100%.

Do you want to be a smart, informed player when you play online video poker? Having a good knowledge of the different hands you can get makes all the difference. You can shift the game in your favor just by knowing which cards are worth hanging onto.

Like so many casino games, luck means that there’s no concrete way to win video poker. To increase your chances of winning more in video poker, you might want to try using a strategy related to the variant you’re playing. Despite this, video poker is still a top choice of game to play for its house edge.

Discard – Discard applies when you choose to get rid of one of the cards from your hand. Now, they all have the same core rules but play entirely different. That’s because we are an officially licensed casino with official regulators.

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